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You can express yourself as you wish, as long as it is with respect, without distorting the subject and breaking our terms, otherwise, part of your comment may be censored or eliminated. Pay attention to the following points to avoid committing infractions:

Personal Information.- Don't share any personal information in the comments, such us, passwords, credit cards, numbers, etc..
External links.- It is allowed to leave links in the comments as long as they have something to do with the subject. If the website or blog contains material that violates our terms, such us +18 content, the link will be censored, but the comment will still be available.
Bad treatment.- Respect comes first, if a comment is made in order to harass others, it will be eliminated.

If any of these terms is violated, the sanctions range can go from the deletion of the comment, to the banning of the disqus account that was used to comment on Zanimoe.com.

Zanimoe reserves the right to change the terms and Conditions of this document at any time.


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